I am a self-taught artist based in Malmö, Sweden. I got involved with the world of art through painting graffiti, which I still do to this day although not in the traditional sense with focus on letters and reproducing ones pseudonym or tag. My work on walls can more accurately be described as some sort of “post-graffiti” and puts a large focus on abstract imagery. The alter ego usually connected with traditional graffiti has been removed and in its place I play with shapes, structure and depth in a playful but also organized manner. I aim to balance between chaos and order, finding the right ratio of structure vs unpredicability.

In my studio I paint on canvas in a similar style. Going from painting outside on walls to the studio with the constraints of the smaller canvas size took a long time to adapt to and it´s only recently that I started to feel comfortable with the work on canvas. Working in the studio has seriously influenced and changed my approach to working on a larger scale on walls. My main goal at the moment is finding peace with the thought of letting go of control.